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Experts Garage Doors is a contractor company operating in five states – Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Washington. Founded in 2017, the company has grown rapidly over the years but faced several challenges while scaling up its operations. In 2022, the company sought to work with us to help them improve their business and scale to new hights.

Firstly we conducted an analysis of the company’s tasks to identify weak points and propose solutions for improvement. We started with creating detailed task lists so that all stakeholders were on the same page and could easily track the progress of each task. This enabled us to better understand how the business operated on a day-to-day basis. After this initial assessment phase, we built a strategy to work around projects and manage them in dedicated software tools such as AirTable, Notion or project management software like Asana or Todoist. This ensured that every team member was up to date about their responsibilities at any given moment and allowed for better collaboration between different departments.

The Process

Once we had implemented these necessary changes in the daily operations of Experts Garage Doors, we started developing an advertising and marketing strategy tailored specifically for them. We worked with advertising professionals to develop the most effective campaigns for their target markets in the five states mentioned earlier. An essential part of this process was ensuring that our team had sufficient resources available to execute these campaigns properly, and we supervised the entire process closely.

The financial planning aspect was also essential as it enabled us to develop budgets suited for each marketing campaign while also considering any additional costs that might arise during execution processes. As a result of our careful consideration when it comes to financial planning, Experts Garage Doors managed to cut costs significantly without sacrificing quality.

Moving Mountains additionally provided legal structuring advice by formatting contracts to protect Expert Garage Door’s assets and maintaining compliance with local regulations. This ensured that all potential liabilities were addressed before any deal was agreed upon, thus safeguarding Expert’s Garage Door’s rights while negotiating contracts with clients or suppliers.

Finally, we decided it would be beneficial if Experts Garage Door created a new system to help its employees communicate more effectively with management personnel regarding various matters (i.e., vacation requests). We designed an HR portal tailored to their organization to make this happen. Employees could easily access information regarding policies regarding, contractual obligations, or other important matters related to their job descriptions at any time they desired via an internet connection or mobile device using an app created especially for this purpose.


Overall, Working Mountain’s assistance enabled Experts Garage Doors to overcome their challenges, allowing them to scale up their operations successfully over time while simultaneously expanding their services across multiple states. With expertise coupled alongside vast experience in business consulting solutions, however complex, Moving Mountain successfully helped Expert Garage Doors reach new heights in terms of efficiency and profit-making capabilities through its comprehensive approach towards problem-solving and strategic development initiatives.

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Our consulting agency was approached by Experts Garage Doors, a contractor company operating in PA, DE, NJ, NY, and WA states. They had several challenges they needed to address and asked our help to develop strategies that would help them improve their business.

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