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We recently had the pleasure of working with Medox LTD, an oxygen concentrator distributor in Israel. When we first began working with Medox LTD, they had no online presence whatsoever. Our goal was to help them become an established and successful online business by teaching them how to build and manage a strong team, implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and train their sales team to effectively use digital marketing tools.

We started our work by creating and launching an effective website for Medox LTD. We designed the site to be both user-friendly and visually appealing so customers would have a positive experience when browsing their products. To bring even more visitors to their site, we implemented SEO strategies such as optimizing metadata, improving page speed, and connecting social media accounts to their website. We also provided ongoing support by monitoring web analytics data on a regular basis to ensure everything was running smoothly.

The Process

Once the website was set up, we focused on helping Medox LTD assemble and manage an effective team of professionals. This included recruiting experienced personnel from diverse backgrounds who possessed specialized knowledge in areas such as marketing, operations, customer service, IT/tech support, etc. We also assisted them in establishing internal processes for communication between teams so that tasks could be efficiently completed on time and within budget.

The next step was to implement a CRM system for managing customer relationships. This included setting up automated email campaigns to keep customers informed about new product launches or promotions; tracking customer facts like purchase history or contact information; enabling live chat support; integrating payment processing systems; and providing detailed reports that showed which campaigns were most effective at driving engagement or sales conversions.

Finally, it was time to train the sales team about sales best practices so they could make the most of their online presence. This training covered topics such as setting up targeted outreach campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook Ads Manager; creating engaging content for social media posts; leveraging partnerships with influencers for better visibility; utilizing analytics tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to track key metrics like traffic flow or conversion rates; and optimizing sites for maximum search engine rankings (SEO).


Thanks to Moving Mountains’ extensive expertise in business consulting services, Medox LTD has successfully established itself as an online provider of oxygen concentrators – something they weren’t able to do before!

As a result of our optimization, Medox is now dominating the feed for their relevant keywords:

  • Medox’s products appear first on searches in the Google Shopping section while dominating the feed with 50% of the impression share. 
  • Wikipedia page- we were able to publish a Wikipedia entry on Medox’s line of products and services.
  • Medox’s ads are in the first position on sponsored searches and get the biggest advertising real estate on the search engine.
  • Medox comes second on organic placements and surpassed the biggest and oldest competitors with years of online history.

Not only did we help the company create an attractive website but we provided invaluable guidance in building a qualified team of professionals along with implementing proper CRM protocols as well as training their sales force in digital marketing techniques. As a result of our efforts, Medox LTD has seen increased website visits as well as higher profit margins thanks to improved conversion rates from leads generated through sponsored ads campaigns – clearly demonstrating our success story with this client!

Case information

When Medox reached out to us, they were just another Brick-and-Mortar business. With no online presence, they were losing potential customers every single day.

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