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MGSPORT Magnesium Supplements

Our team recently worked closely with MGSPORT, a leading magnesium supplement brand based in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. This case study will showcase the successful results of our efforts in helping MGSPORT expand their sales channel, enter new territories, enhance customer relationships, develop pricing strategies and create effective marketing strategies.

MGSPORT had a unique challenge: they needed to quickly expand their sales channel to reach a wider range of customers while maintaining high-quality standards across all markets. To accomplish this goal, we proposed adding more sales channels by entering them into Walmart in the United States. 

The Process

To start the process, Moving Mountains created an extensive roadmap outlining every step necessary to implement MGSPORT’s goals in each region of expansion successfully. This roadmap provided us with an understanding of what tasks needed to be completed first in order to reach the end goal, which was launching in each territory successfully. We then took the necessary steps to set up the online store and listings in each market while simultaneously evaluating local legal requirements that would have to be met before launch. Our team also identified managed distribution centers that could provide reliable delivery of products after launch.

After completing these setup tasks, our team put together a comprehensive customer relationship-development program, including outreach campaigns via email and direct mail campaigns designed specifically for each target market we were focusing on launching in. Additionally, our team worked with MGSPORT to create an attractive pricing strategy for each market based on local economic conditions as well as competitor analysis data from those regions. This allowed us to find just the right balance between creating demand for our client’s product while still remaining profitable upon launch in any given market.

Finally, We helped achieve success for MGSPORT through comprehensive marketing campaigns designed to gain recognition for their brand among consumers both domestically and internationally. This included creating video commercials to be aired on television networks as well as podcasts advertisements featuring prominent personalities within the industry who could provide additional credibility for MGSPORT’s products. 


In conclusion, pre-launch planning is vital when successfully launching products into new markets across multiple territories, especially in digital retailing, where competition is fierce due to time constraints and can quickly become overwhelming if mishandled. With careful planning under careful guidance from Moving Mountains, MGSPORTS was able to enter four new territories successfully: USA, UK, Canada, and Germany, leveraging both traditional offline marketing methods such as direct mail campaigns coupled with modern digital advertising strategies such podcast ads & targeted video commercial advertisement reaching out customers quickly & efficiently resulting in higher ROI & increased sales revenue & brand recognition across all four newly entered markets.

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Our focus is on helping businesses grow and build their brand. In this case study, we will discuss how we helped MGSPORT – a magnesium supplements brand – achieve success in the marketplace in serval territories.

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